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Couples Therapy 

Do you wish that you and your partner could learn to communicate better? Or do you wish that you felt connected like you did when you first met and your relationship was new? Over time, couples can begin to feel disconnected or become wrapped up in day to day life and responsibilities. When this happens, couples can neglect to nurture and invest in their relationship, leading to disconnect and even resentment. I work with couples to address these issues as well as to identify ways to communicate better.


If you are experiencing disconnect, issues with communication, frequent arguments, resentment, or are considering ending your relationship, I can help.

My services for couples include: 

  • Couples Therapy

  • Premarital Counseling

Areas of focus for couples include: 

  • Communication issues

  • Intimacy and infidelity issues 

  • Issues related to parenting 

  • Workshops for Couples 

  • Full Day Intensives or Multi Day Retreats

I help couples to learn to communicate better, identify their values for their family, learn to create a better partnership and improve their relationship.  


In Couples Therapy, I can help you to identify the core issues specific to your relationship as well and help to develop healthier ways of communicating with one another, so that you and your partner can enjoy can get back to feeling like yourself again and so that you may have the life that you love.

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